Comprised of veterans of the local music scene, Cancelled Stamps came together in early 2017 to bring a unique vision of female-fronted rock to Baltimore. With several members active in other bands, as well as the local folk scene, the four players of Cancelled Stamps each bring a different element to the show.

Jen Pruitt has been playing bass in bands across the US since 2002, and currently plays bass with the post-punk trio Stars and the Sea. After receiving a music degree in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music in 2002, Jen fell into playing bass. Cancelled Stamps gives Jen the opportunity to get a six-string guitar back in her hands and revisit her love of songwriting.

Shannon Cassidy has been developing her guitar and songwriting skills for several years, both working on her own and with other musicians. Shannon honed her skills over years of playing in local hootenanny events and improvisational gatherings of many talented musicians. Shannon's acoustic guitar style and authentic music and lyric structure bring a special depth to the sound of Cancelled Stamps.

Dee Settar brings the low end to Cancelled Stamps. Dee has been rocking Baltimore for years, playing guitar with the hard-edged stoner rock band Foghound since 2012. Cancelled Stamps gives Dee the chance to branch out and show off her bass chops, as well as her innovative harmonies and song-shaping skills.

Pete Roper has been playing drums for 20+ years, most notably with industrial rock band Pygmy Children, releasing several albums and touring the world. Pete's industrial influences and experience bring a unique sound to Cancelled Stamps, creating a dynamic that innovatively mixes intricate rhythms with a more traditional rock sound to give Cancelled Stamps something brand new.